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  1. wigz

    Civilization V

    Just purchased the complete edition to play with Fish n Co/IRL friends. I propose that many of you should do the same! I propose it! It has been proposed. Its one of the best turn-based strategy games ever played and it is unimaginably fun in multiplayer. Join us! My steam name is matthartwig
  2. wigz

    Nostalrius Begins

    I've been playing on a vanilla server lately for shits and gigs and I've been having a lot of fun! You guys should join me for some hardcore leveling haha. Also, if you never got a chance to play during vanilla this is literally a snapshot in time. It plays just like it used to and its cool to...
  3. wigz


    Smite is basically LoL with a 3rd person view instead of an isometric view. A few homies and I play pretty often. My name is wigzby in Smite. Add me if you guys wanna run some games with us.
  4. wigz

    Every forum needs a music thread....

    Post your current favorite song or whatever!
  5. wigz


    I've noticed we have a few raiders who don't have a PC microphone so I thought id make this post to enlighten anyone who would like to talk in TS but doesnt have a mic about the glory of WOMic. WOMic is an app for droid smartphones (they may have an iphone version, not sure) that with just a...
  6. wigz

    Post your custom UI

  7. wigz


    As it said in my intro post, I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE lakers fan and in general a pretty big sports fan. I'm an LA kid through and through so I love the dodgers, kings, lakers and dont really care too much about football haha. who are your favorite teams? Whats your favorite sports? Do you...
  8. wigz

    Guild song!

    Hey everyone! Last night in raid we were discussing possibly having a guild song to have playing in the background as invites go out of after a big kill or whatever, so i thought I'd make a thread to see what songs people had in mind. I personally think it should be "now you're a man" by DVDA...
  9. wigz

    The way of the Wigz

    hola everybody! My name is Matt but you guys can call me Wigz or Pope. As you may have guessed, I play the toon who goes by the name of popewigziv. I'm from Los Angeles, 24, rep the lakers hard and love playing video games. I'm a pretty laidback guy so feel free to message me anytime in game!