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  1. Andrastie

    UI Section?

    Heya Smashy! I have seen several areas in various topics where people talk about UIs/Add-ons. Is it possible to create a UI discussion section, that way we have a central area to go and talk about it...instead of trying to track down where someone mentioned something about their UI 2 months...
  2. Andrastie

    Destiny; Raid ready!

    This is to build on what Andrich was talking about last night in TS about being raid ready in Destiny. When he mentioned having exotics and certain weapons, there are a couple that makes things quite a bit easier...or so it would seem, as I have yet to run the raids, only watched videos and...
  3. Andrastie

    September 21, 2016

    Just a rant post about Legion release date already feeling like an eternity away :( Luckily there will be 47 other games and DLC that will come out between now and then that we can all enjoy together! First World Gamer Problems.
  4. Andrastie

    Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon

    Sleeper Simulant is a heavy weapon exotic, think fusion rifle..turned into a fussion cannon! It one shots most everything except bosses. I was hitting the Black Spindle boss for 16k per precision hit; it's a beast of a weapon! It is one of those time gated exotics that requires you to collect...
  5. Andrastie

    Black Spindle exotic wep

    @Smashbox @Andrich @Criticool Only people I know that are 40 ATM. Today's Daily Heroic Mission has a "secret" side mission in it that rewards an Exotic Sniper Rifle called the Black Spindle. It's rather intense and you NEED a group to do it. Here is a guide if you guys want to hit it up...
  6. Andrastie

    Some useful Apps and Sites

    Here are a few Apps and Websites that are rather handy to have: The Destiny Companion App: This app is great for so many reasons. All you do is log in with your PSN info (its safe, as this app is created by Bungie, so no 3rd party BS). It keeps track...
  7. Andrastie

    Props to Smash

    This is a slighlty random post/shout-out, but I wanted to take a second and give a shout-out to @Smashbox . I was looking at several of the "Big Name" guilds over the past few days and noticed that most of their sites are terrible. Method is one of the few that had decent functionality and...
  8. Andrastie

    Legendary Ring Weakaura

    I don't use Weakauras, but I know quite a few of you do. I found this in the forums and figured it will be useful. Looks like they have one for all 3 "specs." Figured as more people are getting rings, we will want to assign people as...
  9. Andrastie

    Blizzard Q&A on 8-9-2015

    Here is a link to the Q&A they did on Sunday. Wowhead sums it up rather well. They didn't really say anything new, just rehashed what the Legion site already says and stuff from the release announcement. Lore...
  10. Andrastie

    Windows 10

    With the recent PR stating people with Windows 7/8 are going to start receiving a pop-up for a FREE Windows 10 upgrade, what are your alls thoughts on this? I have not done much research on the new Windows 10, though that will soon I have no clue if switching would even be worth...
  11. Andrastie

    Legendary Rings/Use in 6.2

    Just a heads up for those who may not be aware on how the legendary rings will function in 6.2. (IF YOU DON'T WANT IT SPOILED FOR YOU, DON'T READ PAST THIS!!!) This is a blue post that popped up over the weekend in regards to the topic: Watcher Let me try to address a few of the concerns...
  12. Andrastie

    (Un)official LA horde server?

    I heard Zel and Cass talking about a horde guild on another server the other night. Does LA have a horde "home" to troll around in? Sometimes you just have to punt a gnome!
  13. Andrastie

    In regards to our Bonkhand kill last night...

    Seen this in Imgur this morning and thought about our Bonkhand kill last night. Bonkhand be like "I have these guys on farm status, give me your repair money scrubs." L.A. is like "Yeah ok...another week....YOLO GET REKT SON."
  14. Andrastie

    Happy with a new xpac every year?

    Question in title @Zelgadys asked this last night in TS, but there was so much other off topic stuff being talked about that we didn't get to discuss this much. I would both agree and disagree with Blizz's new plans on a new xpac every year (assuming they actually do it, since they have been...
  15. Andrastie

    Banhammers going out today!

    In case you haven't seen/heard yet, Warden(Blizzards anti-bot program) layed down some dick today. While I am 100% against "Bot" use, I really don't want to see any of our core raiders getting punted! Don't be dumb, play the game as it was intended.
  16. Andrastie

    Decent Holy Pally guide/site

    I most certainly did not find this website while I was browsing the Wow forums while I was at work...! This guy seems to know his stuff and figured I would share it with my fellow holy pallies. He talks about anything Holy Pally...literally everything Holy Pally: BiS, stat...
  17. Andrastie

    RBGs Discussion

    Heya peeps. I brought up guild RBGs in this past weeks guild meeting and seemed to get a decent response. I am throwing up this post to get things a little more organized and for people to throw in their 2 cents. Personally I am wanting to get a semi-serious group together. We can still...
  18. Andrastie


    Heya, it's Andrastie A.K.A. Teh Steve. I'm a 29 year old dude who lives just south-east of Kansas City Missouri. I am a CNC Machinist and Programmer for an awesome company. Been playing Wow off and on since Vanilla release and it has been quite the adventure! Done my fair share of raid...