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  1. Serrene

    Official BlizzCon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge

    My name is Serrene ("hi Serrene!") and I'm a fat nerd. Not for much longer. Let's do this. (Technically I started taking weight loss seriously about a month ago, but good timing anyway.)
  2. Serrene

    A long time coming

    Gonna miss ya man, you'll always be welcome here. Take it easy, fellow roguebro. <3
  3. Serrene

    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    Wicket approves.
  4. Serrene

    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    I'll happily tank the trash runs, or DPS since Fury AoE is balls crazy right now.
  5. Serrene


    I like how the loot glow makes it look like she's about to explode Unicron-style.
  6. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    It's not, it just worked as an example to explain ability consequences and how logs can show us more than it might look like at first glance.
  7. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    We can tell by damage taken per ability and frequency of getting hit who the culprits are, it's not explicitly spelled out but we do have ways of seeing who didn't spread far enough. The only thing we wouldn't be able to tell is if someone ran into range of someone right before the ability went...
  8. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    Only 10/10, @Marcus ? Why not 11?!?!?!?! Kidding aside, well-put @Silverreaper , reminding us of our core culture gives me an idea of how we can stay true to our roots and solve some problems at the same time. I think there are some ways we can put our collective comedic talents to good use...
  9. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    Class discord list for those interested: Death Knight: Demon Hunter: Druid: Hunter: Mage: Monk...
  10. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    We're not going to be throwing anyone under a bus, and insinuating people aren't giving it their all isn't intended to do that; it's to bring attention to the fact that some people could be trying harder. Things like learning a new class will definitely hinder you - moreso if you're busy and...
  11. Serrene

    Mechanical Breakdown - Input needed

    I'm on board with all of this, but I think tunneling and e-peen are only a small part of what's going on. The people you're referring to are either unaware that they're causing problems, or don't see their mistakes as problems. This comes down to self awareness as well as raid awareness. Plenty...
  12. Serrene

    Crimsonglory, Paladin (Prot / Holy) & Shaman alt (Resto /Ele)

    Proudmoore represent! That's where I started back in the day, good memories.
  13. Serrene

    BlizzCon 2017...?

    For what it's worth, the last several years I've "attended" BlizzCon with just the Virtual Ticket, and felt like I didn't miss out on anything by not physically being there. It's a high quality stream with almost every panel available live or VOD. And most if not all of the merch can be bought...
  14. Serrene

    BlizzCon 2017...?

    To be honest, attending the con was a bit of an afterthought for me as well. I would've liked to go, but at the same time, I wasn't too disappointed that I couldn't, because I'm only really interested in the WoW stuff anyway and spending time with the guild appeals to me a lot more, especially...
  15. Serrene

    World First (sort of) Mythic Karazhan!

    Post-chess carnage:
  16. Serrene

    Xavius - The Last Dance of EN

    Another round of gear will help a lot, especially with DPS on adds. We pretty much demolished the first 6 bosses so Xavius is more of a gear check than might otherwise be. I'm down to 3-tank but my understanding was that the third tank is only active for a very short time and may or may not be...
  17. Serrene

    Heroic Dragons Kill Video

    I think this one kind of snuck up on us at the end, I didn't even realize how close we were until like 3%. Fun fight.
  18. Serrene

    Pre-Raid Checklist

    Do we have anyone in charge of crafting enchants to send greens to?
  19. Serrene

    Sticky Alt-Raiding (Saturdays)/Depth Chart

    Actually if possible I'd like to surrender my RDPS spot and go with resto druid, if priorities allow. Ele is fun but not sure it'll keep my interest for too long. Resto I really like and I need to learn how to heal. Otherwise it'll be feral unless boomkin really grabs me between now and legion...