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    Blizzcon 2016 - Legends' Style 2.0

    I need to see where I end up in the next month but once I get my bills paid off from my time in unemployment I'm going to start saving. I don't mind not being IN blizzcon, if not at all I'd be cool splitting a ticket and going one of the days if we do indeed end up getting a house with everyone...
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    I got my poop pillow today Pope!
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    Merry Grumpmas!

    I sent out grumpmas gifts to as many people as I could today, still farming to get them to all of you but if you didn't get one just let me know. A MERRY GRUMPMAS TO ALL!
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    BLORP! Family stuff got moved to the 27th but hopefully i'm back here by then, usually its a late morning to mid afternoon ordeal
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    The night of the 27th would be best for me (Barring i get my gift by then) I have family stuff the 26th
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    Calm yourself. I had said for a long time I was done with wow for the spring and summer once we killed blackhand.
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    Legends Anonycon East - January 2016

    Guys, Me and Gran in talking with Fish tonight thought it would be a fine idea to try to get some of the guildies from the east coast together for a night of general shenanigans, drinking and adventuring. We figured NYC would be a fun idea for the sake of it just being a bigger landmark and...
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    Legends Anonymous T-Shirts

    Large me up, bro
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    CAPTION THAT! Photo Contest #3

    Good thing Dave wore his boat shoes because things are about to get AWFULLY wet in there.
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    Proof that two worlds can coexist [WoW and D&D]

    I'm gonna do that thing where we do the thing
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    WTF Happened

    I turned into a glowing white haired mole creature today
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    Hell yeah!
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    Free Game Time

    this is awesome. A $3.75 value that feels like so much more haha
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    Sticky How to join your class group

    Petition for a separate group called Sleevehound
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    What a Dreamboat Stevenson
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    When are we getting 2 handed healing axes?

    I mean... Staves? No thankyou. Nothing more badass than swinging an ax to heal people. The ax giveth and the ax taketh away.
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    Declare your main here!

    Character: Nrenn Class: Paladin Spec: Holy Gonna get my beacon on
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    Self proclaimed baseball nerd here like beyond what should be acceptable in someone who no longer plays baseball. I'm also huge into the NFL, but I dabble a bit in every sport and I've been paying more attention to NBA and NHL in recent years. New York Jets (shut up I know but I love them)...
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    Nren, Name of Nick

    What's up there team friendship, my name is Nick aka Nrenn. I'm 25 and live in the wonderful land of Connecticut where it is soon to be Winter as Ned Stark warned me, and I will be spending much time inside playing this. I work for a building products company in sales and I travel through a good...