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  1. Serrene

    Healer UI Help

    Hey all, I've been enjoying healing on my druid and shaman lately, but could use some UI assistance. I have a decent mouseover macro system set up but otherwise my UI looks a lot like it does when I DPS. Would all you superstar healers mind posting some screenshots of your own UIs and giving me...
  2. Serrene

    Nerd Fitness Thread!

    Hey legends, seems a bunch of us are hitting the gym with regularity these days so I'd love to get a discussion going on what we're all doing to get/stay in shape and what our goals are. For me, I've had a number of injuries over the years - including blowing out both knees, numerous back...
  3. Serrene

    Warlords Challenge Mode groups?

    Haven't heard much discussion on this recently, so I wanted to make a thread and gauge some interest. Once we know who's interested we can start sorting out class composition and all that nonsense. We may need to run more than one group if interest is high. Plus if we get all Golds in a guild...
  4. Serrene

    Yogscast Interview w/ Tom Chilton

    Much more informative than Sunday's Gamescom wrap-up: Nice to hear clarification on some things, and how the team really feels about Tanaan and how successful (or not, in some ways) they feel it has been. The overall philosophical approach to everything in Legion so far has me feeling pretty...
  5. Serrene

    Why practice matters, and how LFR can make it fun

    "Standing there wailing on a target dummy is boring!" "Practice is for nerds. Who spends that kind of time on a video game?" Let's face it, World of Warcraft is the kind of game where you get out of it what you put into it. Performing well in a raid is hugely rewarding, and part of that is...
  6. Serrene

    Mythic Dungeon quest awarding Heroic HFC cache

    At least, for me it is - hopefully it is for all of you too. This means we should get some groups together this weekend for free loot! I'd be willing to heal on my priest once my rogue finishes the quest. Who's with me? :D
  7. Serrene

    New Expac Announcement at Gamescom!

    It's official now... One week to go!
  8. Serrene

    Method's Mythic Tyrant kill

    Their coordinated movement is a thing of beauty.
  9. Serrene

    Proof that Gran is a spy

  10. Serrene

    Serrene, the angriest rogue

    Hey guys! Serrène here, figured it was time enough to introduce myself. Been playing WoW since ICC, with my first taste of actual progression raiding coming in the latter half of Siege of Orgrimmar. I played a BM hunter from the beginning, but have since switched mains to rogue for Blackrock...
  11. Serrene

    Flying is coming to Draenor!

    It's official, coming to a small follow-up patch after 6.2: tl;dr - new meta achievement which requires a bunch of exploring Draenor, and unlocks flying on all level 90+ characters on your account. Personally...