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    Merry Grumpmas!

    I sent out grumpmas gifts to as many people as I could today, still farming to get them to all of you but if you didn't get one just let me know. A MERRY GRUMPMAS TO ALL!
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    Legends Anonycon East - January 2016

    Guys, Me and Gran in talking with Fish tonight thought it would be a fine idea to try to get some of the guildies from the east coast together for a night of general shenanigans, drinking and adventuring. We figured NYC would be a fun idea for the sake of it just being a bigger landmark and...
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    WTF Happened

    I turned into a glowing white haired mole creature today
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    When are we getting 2 handed healing axes?

    I mean... Staves? No thankyou. Nothing more badass than swinging an ax to heal people. The ax giveth and the ax taketh away.
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    Nren, Name of Nick

    What's up there team friendship, my name is Nick aka Nrenn. I'm 25 and live in the wonderful land of Connecticut where it is soon to be Winter as Ned Stark warned me, and I will be spending much time inside playing this. I work for a building products company in sales and I travel through a good...