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    I mean Hitler could handle it, are you saying Hitler > you ?
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    Hey guys, figured id stop by and give you a hellur, and let you guys know if your interested in raiding heroic upper tier out of boredom or whatever to hit me up ingame Thursday at 7 server. Hope you guys are doing swell and shit. Except Marcus, I dont get why you guys dont vote that guy off...
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    CAPTION THAT! Photo Contest #2

    "I have a dream that one day i'll be able to play ele shaman competently, That I will eventually not have a full screen of aura frames and still be incapable of hitting the right button.'
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    Sunday FUN RUNS

    Working my ass off. A jewelry store got robbed so lots of hours. Yay for being a security consultant!
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    Sunday FUN RUNS

    Im down sounds like a party.
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    Heroic Archimonde Strategy Discussion

    Classes without a self heal get absolutely smashed in the nether because of the debuff you get while sitting in the nether realm. IMO cant be done without sending a healer in.
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    Legends Anonymous Battle Royale

    I 1v1'd zel on my disc priest and won. I'm the champion now no?
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    Thundercunts ruin all the things...

    The following message is graphic, profane, and full of saltiness: I was patiently grinding apexis to gear up my pally when my adorable 4 year old told me he would like to go to the lake. I promptly shut down the computer, packed a bag for us, grabbed the tent, and off we went on this magical...
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    Huehunter/MM Hunter

    1. Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. started in WotLK as a rogue. Played through cata as a Prot Warrior and a Blood DK. Took a break with Pandas. now im back as a hunter/Dk tank. 2. What are you looking for in a guild? A fun enviroment with goals set towards...