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  1. Worsteiner

    Check Out Worsteiner's Band!

    Hey guys many of you may not know this but I play drums in a hard rock/metal band called Bay City Psychos, you guys should check it out, I am the site admin for my bands website as well so If anyone is interested in acquiring digital downloads of any of the music I can...
  2. Worsteiner

    Should be requirement going forward...

    Due to the Server Congestion Issues, I say we all invest in this:
  3. Worsteiner

    Comprehensive Class Guides
  4. Worsteiner

    Voice Communications Program

    Marcus, You have mentioned that you were not sold entirely on Mumble and was thinking about possibly switching to TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. I figured I would put up a Poll to see what everyone's thoughts were on which program we should use. Honestly I'm fine with whatever, my personal preference...
  5. Worsteiner

    Guild Expenses - Paypal or Donation Link

    Marcus/Smash, I wanted to let you both know that I would be willing to help out financially with the website and Mumble hosting fees each month. I know what both of these things can cost and would gladly chip in.
  6. Worsteiner

    Pre-WOD Class Tuning Changes

    Looks like Elemental is getting even more love.... Shaman • Elemental Blast’s damage has been increased by 20%. • Shamanism now increase Lightning Bolt damage by 70% (up from 36%). Elemental is looking more and more like the PVE spec...
  7. Worsteiner

    Official Raid Times

    So we are raiding Tues, Wed, Thurs...what times will raids begin (Appx. Server Time CST)
  8. Worsteiner

    Wolf Pack - Roll Out!

    Who are all our Shaman Raiders whom will be main'ing this beastly class? Worsteiner Reporting in!!
  9. Worsteiner

    Worsteiner...Reporting in!!!

    I'm here bitches! I'm Worsteiner...and I approve this message!