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    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: EN vs. Highmaul

    Good Job Fellers! You guys are amazing!
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    Check Out Worsteiner's Band!

    Hey guys many of you may not know this but I play drums in a hard rock/metal band called Bay City Psychos, you guys should check it out, I am the site admin for my bands website as well so If anyone is interested in acquiring digital downloads of any of the music I can...
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays - My gift to you Legends Anonymous

    LOVED IT! A+++ (Zel many years later, telling this glorious tell to his grandchildren) ........ "Grandpa Zel, Please tell me again the part about the Wolf Pack!"
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    Level 1 MMO Characters

    HAHA that's funny!
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    Zel knows nothing about good ol Fried Chicken....After all He's Canadian! :) hehe
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    Imperator has fallen!

    Bastards! You did it without me! :P Congrads! I wish I would have logged in sooner :) hehe
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    Should be requirement going forward...

    Due to the Server Congestion Issues, I say we all invest in this:
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    Is that the famous Canadian Maple Bath? :)
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    Comprehensive Class Guides
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    The men behind the screen (photo thread)

    Worsteiner (Adam) enjoying some great German Beer @ Der Biergarten, Atlanta, GA Worsteiner (Adam) hanging with youngest daughter (Adisen) at my Dad's lake house Family Road Trip to Tybee Island, GA
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    Wolf Pack - Roll Out!

    As Usual near the bottom half early in an expansion, I bet we move up as expansion progresses!
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    HandyNotes - Draenor

    Cool Downloaded gonna give it try!
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    Guild Expenses - Paypal or Donation Link

    Sounds good guys! Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help! This guild Rocks!!
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    Voice Communications Program

    Marcus, You have mentioned that you were not sold entirely on Mumble and was thinking about possibly switching to TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. I figured I would put up a Poll to see what everyone's thoughts were on which program we should use. Honestly I'm fine with whatever, my personal preference...
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    Guild Expenses - Paypal or Donation Link

    Marcus/Smash, I wanted to let you both know that I would be willing to help out financially with the website and Mumble hosting fees each month. I know what both of these things can cost and would gladly chip in.