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    Discord Emoji Contest

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    omg another canadian.
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    Healer UI Help

    i knew you werent my real dad
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    Test Post Please Ignore

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    Healer UI Help
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    Healer UI Help

    Oh so im not a healer eh
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    Legends Anonymous Playlist Part Deux

    I bet I posted some of the good ones, and some of the others :D
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    Legends Anonymous D&D Revival

    If they are free I may have a few friends who would be down to join us.
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    Legion Tier Sets and Bonuses

    Your cat is trespassing on Bujee's property
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    Nerd Fitness Thread!

    I eat one meal a day and pace a whole bunch because I have ADD, keeps me at around 30% body fat.
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    Legion Availability Thread!

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    Sticky Draft Sign Up

    Popewigziv Protection Paladin
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    Highest Guild on Earth

    We are already the highest guild on earth because I'm still in it.
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    That was before the illidan/logo change! looks great now