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    You should maybe get rid of the legion release countdown since it's been out for 8 days now.
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    [Draft Poll] Why did you choose your class?

    I'm not saying it.
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    [Draft Poll] Why did you choose your class?

    i picked druid because i like the overweight chicken roleplay aspect
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    Legends Anonymous Playlist Part Deux

    Oh fuck yes, Gloryhole. You all have a truly ascended taste in music.
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    Legends Anonymous D&D Revival

    I'm free tomorrow (or today? It's 2:44 am lol), what time are we playing?
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    Legends Anonymous D&D Revival

    Do we have a set time that we should meet up?
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    CAPTION THAT! Photo Contest #4

    "I swear to fuck I didn't just pull all those mobs"
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    Streaming Section

    I was looking for that. Thanks, Marcus!
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    Legends Anonymous D&D Revival

    I'm down. I don't really have a preferred method of playing, so I'll go with whatever yall settle with.
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    Sticky The Official Legends Anonymous Warcraft Movie Critic Thread!

    *DISCLAIMER* I've only watched the movie once, and I did not take notes. I'm doing this completely from memory, so I'm most likely going to miss a few points. On top of that, I will be offering my opinion in certain parts of the review, but I'm going to try keeping it as objective as possible...
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    [Possible Spoilers] Warcraft Movie Review

    REMOVED see:
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    Streaming Section I'll hopefully be getting a solid streaming schedule. Probably around 3-4 hours a day sometime in the afternoon.
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    Computer Help

    Just get 8GB of ddr4. I don't think you'll need 16GB of ram. If you do end up needing it, go ahead and buy it. I totally missed this reply. Assuming Marcus is using OBS, it is neither the GPU nor RAM, but the CPU that is primarily used when streaming. The GPU does video processing for the game...
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    Computer Help

    UNACCEPTABLE FRAMERATE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE If you're upgrading to a new GPU, it should easily run what you have right now (Like Smash said, the new gtx 1000 series is fucking amazing). If you're not looking to upgrade, try using a different type of antialiasing that isn't very resource-intensive...