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    Blizzcon 2016 - Legends' Style 2.0

    I need to see where I end up in the next month but once I get my bills paid off from my time in unemployment I'm going to start saving. I don't mind not being IN blizzcon, if not at all I'd be cool splitting a ticket and going one of the days if we do indeed end up getting a house with everyone...
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    I got my poop pillow today Pope!
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    Merry Grumpmas!

    I sent out grumpmas gifts to as many people as I could today, still farming to get them to all of you but if you didn't get one just let me know. A MERRY GRUMPMAS TO ALL!
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    BLORP! Family stuff got moved to the 27th but hopefully i'm back here by then, usually its a late morning to mid afternoon ordeal
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    The night of the 27th would be best for me (Barring i get my gift by then) I have family stuff the 26th
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    Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2015

    Calm yourself. I had said for a long time I was done with wow for the spring and summer once we killed blackhand.
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    Legends Anonycon East - January 2016

    Guys, Me and Gran in talking with Fish tonight thought it would be a fine idea to try to get some of the guildies from the east coast together for a night of general shenanigans, drinking and adventuring. We figured NYC would be a fun idea for the sake of it just being a bigger landmark and...
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    Legends Anonymous T-Shirts

    Large me up, bro
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    CAPTION THAT! Photo Contest #3

    Good thing Dave wore his boat shoes because things are about to get AWFULLY wet in there.
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    Proof that two worlds can coexist [WoW and D&D]

    I'm gonna do that thing where we do the thing
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    WTF Happened

    I turned into a glowing white haired mole creature today
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    Hell yeah!
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    Free Game Time

    this is awesome. A $3.75 value that feels like so much more haha
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    Sticky How to join your class group

    Petition for a separate group called Sleevehound