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    Legends Anonymous in Battle for Azeroth

    If there are holes at tank or heal I will probably fill them otherwise I will probably go some form of melee DPS with a tank/heal offspec.
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    EnanoPadre Holy/Shadow alt EnanoPop Outlaw Rogue
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    A long time coming

    Been a pleasure to raid with you. Come by and run some mythic+ sometime.
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    POLL - Trial of Valor 11/8?

    ToV is only a +5 ilvl jump from EN. It's like going from the first half of HFC to the second half, not like moving from High Maul to BRF. We will be starting with Heroic as our average ilvl is already well over the gear that drops in Normal.
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Xavius TBD
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Cenarius TBD
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Dragons of Nightmare TBD
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Ursoc {Hero} at 30% DPS/ Healers - Stack on {X} at side of boss - When targeted by [Focused Gaze] run to {star} - {G1},{G3}, {G5} soak first [Trampling Slam] - {G2},{G4}, {G6} soak second [Trampling Slam] Tanks - One tank takes [Overwhelm] and the other [Rend Flesh] - When [Overwhelm] reaches...
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Il'gynoth {Hero} on P2 (once everyone is inside) P1 DPS - Remain spread out - Do not stand in front on Nightmare Horror - Move out of [Ground Slam] cast by Dominator Tentacle - If target by [Ground Slam] point it away from raid - Move away from the raid when affected by [Spewing Corruption] -...
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Elerethe Renferal {Hero} on Pull All Phases - Stay the fuck away from the eggs - Stay off the bridge when not on phase transition P1 - Web of Pain: Stack on other affected Player - Necrotic Venom: -Move away from the raid. - When debuff expires keep moving until second debuff expires...
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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Hi, The below are my notes for the first 4 encounters in Emerald Nightmare. I will be posting them during raid using the Angry Assignments addon. Note: Only normal mode mechanics are included as per wowhead. Some of the mechanics you saw in...
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    Legends Anonymous Documentary Premiere!

    Thanks for all your hard work Luis and Angelo. Can't wait to see it.
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    Test Post Please Ignore

    testing something...