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    Office BLIZZCON 2018 Info Thread

    I'm in 100% But do we know the dates? I need an announcement Blizzard!
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    5k Contest - Win Battle.Net Cash

    Really your gonna make my big ass run.... I'll probably start posting times in a few months. I need time to get back into running like that. You poop sock!
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    Official BlizzCon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge

    Start 244.6 Last night 238.2
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    Official BlizzCon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge

    Start 244.6 Goal 220 This whole imgur thing can suck my dick!
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    Official BlizzCon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge

    was my phone going into sleep mode fixed it ty anyway.
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    Farm time!!!

    Not taking a break but I'll be way more likely to take off a few nights.
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    Adam - Fill

    This is the gayest shit I've ever read
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    CAPTION THAT! Photo Contest #5

    Legend: Not sure if she's showing ankle... Marcus: BRO! you see that girl's ankle?!?!
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    Personal Responsibility is a "buzzword" and staying sharp during farm

    Great read @Marcus also great buzz around this post guys! My thoughts: We're at the point that we can power thru first three bosses and that's inevitable in every raid. Some bosses just are tuned to a lower standard. But Spellblade-Gul'dan this shit wont fly! I believe we are at the point of...
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    Friday Night Fights

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a group of people that want to get good and have fun in HoTS. Nothing serious just wanna do some Quick Match and Hero League. If you are not level 40 I have no issue helping you level! Would like to do this as many Fridays as possible around 8pm est. Just an...
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    Sticky Blizzcon 2017 - Easily Offended Edition

    More buzz you fucks! Ticket time is closer than you think!
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    A long time coming

    Great raiding with you man! I wish you all the best, See you online soon.
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    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    But I didnt insult you because I put a =)