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    hi zel

    hi zel
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    A long time coming

    I'll miss you Tone ;(
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    Rheshi - Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement)

    Another Shaman I can steal for the Neo Wolfpack!
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    BlizzCon 2017...?

    Don't forget that most likely Blizzcon next year will feature an expansion announcement.
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    Yeah, the problem is that Thanan isn't linked to the guild.
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    Healer UI Help

    This was my UI through most of HFC, Serrene. My Raid frames were parallel to my weak auras off to the left. I only used mouse-over macros, mostly because it just made Monk healing much easier.
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    grannys goren glaive

    You're Zel'ing it, Gran. /sigh
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    Legion Availability Thread!

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    Legion Availability Thread!

    Hey guys! With the launch of Legion drawing near and our roster being as large as it is I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread for people to link up for leveling/dungeons/whatever during the first couple of weeks. Drop a post here with your schedule/desired leveling method.
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    Legends Anonymous D&D Revival

    I don't mind picking it up if we've got a group that wants to give it a shot.
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    Fantasy Football

    I'm down, this was a lot of fun last year.
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    Sticky Draft Sign Up

    Andrich Mistweaver Monk
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