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    Legends Anonymous in Battle for Azeroth

    I should be around in some form or fashion. Leaning towards Pally Heals(big surprise), but I have been kicking around the idea of going back to my roots and DPSing on Meh Huntard. Not 100% either way....but I will be here!
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    Bzb Holy Priest

    "Raiders season ticket holder." Yeah, this isn't going to work out..... Enjoy the new stadium though >.>
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    Farm time!!!

    I'm in the same boat as others have mentioned here; I'll be here for ToS, but my attendance will be spotty for a while. I'll make an effort to be here every Tuesday, but will take Wednesdays on a case by case least for the next several weeks. Once we get closer to ToS (which...
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    Tier 20 Class Switching

    WHITE POWER! Also, I've mentioned/ranted on occasion about switching roles/specs...I'll be staying Pally heals....which is really no surprise! H.Pallies are in a great spot atm, and its just too much fun to pass on....even when healing gets super stressful at times. I will however, be kicking...
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    Sticky Blizzcon 2017 - Easily Offended Edition

    Going to throw out there to the newer folks, or those who have not done it in the past. If we are getting a big group, we are going to need more people to be there on ticket sale days. We have had a core group for the past couple years that were lucky enough to get tickets for everyone, but as...
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    Soultix - Balance/Resto Druid

    Just attempting to be clever in regards to being friends with you, and openly proclaiming it!!! Since you guys work together, and he is using you as a reference, I think we should have required questions like: "what's his preferred method of travel to Blizzcon?" "If someone dies, should he...
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    Soultix - Balance/Resto Druid

    "Things that should not be in your app" for $500, Alex.
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    Dungeons and Dragons by Ryan

    Chances are Zel is hiding behind a rock....
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    Dungeons and Dragons by Ryan

    It's simple really. When the Abyss calls for you, there is no other choice....cut down your enemies, or be cut down yourself. In that brief moment as your enemies blood spills onto the ground; your eyes make contact, the Abyss stares at you, and all you do is grin back. Death cares nothing...
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    I'm down for RBGs.
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    A long time coming

    :( But who's going to make that annoying rogue stabbing sound during a boss fight now?! Nothing wrong with prioritizing Real Life over gaming, hope things go well for you. LA will always be here for you, whenever you get that itch!
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    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    While my very first response was not ment to be an attack on you; what I should have said was I am personally not a fan of incentivizing for my response to your response, that may have been more of an asshole comment on my part, so my bad. I didn't earn the D-Bag Pally award...
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    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    Edited for being an asshole, it happens
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    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    Or, you know, do it in support of your guild....without incentive...because we succeed or fail as a whole guild.
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    Sticky CALL TO ARMS - Materials

    With all your champions at 850, you should be getting gold missions around 500-750 gold with a BONUS of 1500 gold. They show up every other day at least. I know there is a general hatred of the "garrison board" but people are really missing out on some easy gold. Not to mention you get 2...